Matthew Couloute: Déjà vu, all over again

Just when you thought it could not get any worse.  Family Court drama queen Matthew Couloute, Esq. is at it again.  This time he is telling off the California court.

Couloute’s first baby momma has filed for sole custody of her son.  Like all good moms, she is planning for his future and feels that living in a stable environment, having a permanent home, having a parent there all the time, not changing schools every year would be in the child’s best interests.   Well folks, Couloute had a lot to say about that.  He recently filed a rambling rant disguised as a motion to dismiss against the California court’s involvement.  A glimpse into the mind of a madman to say the least.

The tale is worth a read.  A copy of this blog’s article on Judge Sybil Richard is even included in the filing.  The underlying theme is that Couloute claims only Connecticut family court can address matters with his kid while he lives in Georgia.  He claims to be an expert on the UCCJEA, but he is just a bit clueless.  In this new drama scene, it is California vs. Georgia, but he claims the long arm of his pals in Connecticut protects him from scrutiny by other courts.  He lives in an abode in Cumming, Georgia, holds state’s driver’s license, issued only to residents, surrendered his Connecticut license, has a local job selling cars as a lawyer, drives a caddy with Georgia plates, his son went to school there last year.  But he claims he is a resident of Connecticut!

Of great strangeness is the reliance on the opinions of Connecticut Judge Sybil Richards, who failed to require Couloute to disclose his financials for a support matter.  Very very strange, but he put it squarely before the California court that there is no proper child support calculation.  He glosses over the fact that the material change in circumstances is that Couloute moved out of Connecticut and has not kept the kid in school, nor adhered to the parenting plan; not to mention NY seized his daughter on evidence of sexual abuse.  There is a great read about the theft of his daughter, which he also blames the son’s mother.  A conspiracy theory that his two baby mammas are plotting against him.  It is a great read, if not difficult to follow, but Couloute can explain it to the judge along with why he has not filed the requisite financial disclosures.  Guess he is just a protected player who is exempt from court rules.





Cromwellian Police

Time to take a hard look at the Connecticut gestapo who are executing their master’s agenda in undermining the First Amendment.  Take a retarded thug, give him a badge, a gun along with arrest authority and we have our own home grown terrorists.  Example of donut monsters in uniform is the Cromwell Police Department under the incompetent leadership of gender confused Chief Denise Lamontagne.

One of her untrained flying monkeys makes a public statement that he does not require a search warrant to break down the front door to a residential home on Douglas Drive.  The thug with a badge can’t spell Constitution nor can he count to Fourth Amendment.  His statement is government sponsored terrorism, which the people have a duty to check.

One would have to get out a box of crayons and draw Lamontagne’s jack booted thug a picture or two, or three; explaining in great detail how the Constitution limits the ability of a government retard with a badge to kick down a door at will;  a search warrant issued by a court is required, after finding of probable cause of criminal activity.  Citizens are protected from the Cromwellian threat by the Fourth Amendment which allows people to be secure in their houses against unreasonable splintering of the front door; or threats thereto.

The Cromwellian thug clearly threatened a citizen, violated the Constitution, betrayed his oath; all while being paid with tax money from We the people, who now have a duty to inform the terrorist of the consequences associated with constitutional errors.  Perhaps an oratory that he who threatens the rights of citizens, who violates the constitution, executes an illegal armed invasion of a home is subject to defense of the castle which includes the Second Amendment right to empty a thirty round clip into the intruder before the front door even comes off the hinges.  Such exercise of the rights protected by the Second and Fourth Amendment would cause in the loss of bowel control of the intruder, creating a smelly, bloody and unsanitary foyer, requiring a body bag to dispose of this unfortunate domestic enemy of the Constitution.  However, such explanation is rather long winded and probably incomprehensible to the Cromwellian terrorist.

So it is much easier to use Yankee vernacular; efficient, short and precise, such as:  Police who don’t need warrants, need body bags.  Or something historic like: Don’t Tread On Me. Or something more modern and more in line with the Cromwellian Police low IQ levels:  Fuck with me; I will fuck you up.  Police threatening citizens with illegal searches and armed intrusions would be the ‘fuck with me’ clause; the defense of castle would be the ‘I will fuck you up’ clause.  Pretty much sums up the people’s right to defend the Constitution, their homes and their children from Cromwellian terrorists.

As for islamic comments about lovingly killing jews, that is just another verse from the Quoran.  Posting a religious belief on facebook is hardly criminal activity, unless you are a deviant jewish judge with an agenda against the goyim.  Free speech, get over it.

Press article here.



Attorney Fasano’s Snake Oil

What if the man at the carnival sold you a bottle of snake oil and promised it would make your dick harder?  Would you buy it for $100k?  Of course not, unless your name was William J. Grohs and the carnival man is Attorney Michael Fasano.

It has been clearly established that Family Court is a money racket.  Parents’ money; the kids don’t matter and the judge is the lowest paid person in the game.  The marketing end of the scam are promises made on what can be done to make his dick harder, by parting with money.  A legal lizard like Fasano claims his legal snake oil can do whatever William’s little dick desires.  Harass the mother of his two girls… problem.  Drag mother to endless depositions with no legal purpose, piece of cake.  File frivolous motions complaining mother took the kid to the doctor, presto.  Drag out litigation before crooked Judge Cutsumpas for four months, easy.  Vexatious litigation disguised as contempt or modification motions, a speciality.  Just keep paying Fasano’s invoices and never hear the word ‘no’.

This is the profession of family lawyers in Connecticut.  Ignore the law, ignore ethics, simply take money to do anything and everything to run up billable hours.  Some salesmanship skills required.  After all, William might complain that it has been over a year and a half of paying Fasano’s invoices, but his dick has actually shrunk.  Fasano just pats his gravy train on the wallet, smiles and sends another invoice.  Even GAL Mary Brigham is telling William to give it time, pay the invoices and his dick will eventually get stiff.

Six years after William agreed to his divorce settlement, he is still paying legal bills for snake oil, his dick is not harder, his decree has not been changed, but it is noticeable that lawyers like Giuliano, Richardson, Fasano and Brigham have bigger bank accounts.  When will William realize he is paying premium for snake oil?


Elastic Ethics of Attorney Brigham

There is a difference between the limits of attorney ethics and a rubber band…..the later will eventually break when stretched too far.  The former knows no bounds.  We now focus on the so called ETHICS of attorneys engaged in illegitimate family court post judgement litigation.  A game run by doting judges to drain family savings, enrich lawyers and provide untraceable kickbacks to pockets under black robes.

So called attorney Mary Brigham is a simple con artist.  She played the Grohs family for a ridiculous sum of money for providing no legal service of any import for a simple divorce.  Attorney Rosemary Giuliano, well known Waterbury hustler and inside player laughed all the way to the bank with a truckload of money from the rather foolish William J. Grohs, an actual ‘whale’ to Giuliano’s pathetic law firm.  So why did she fire her money bag client?  Seriously folks, the guy has huge bank accounts, why would Rosemary turn off the revenue spigot?  Ethics?  Could she not ‘ethically’ represent Billy Boy as he was lying, making false statements, being vexatious and Rosemary knew it?  He was just not worth the risk to her dirty, insider trust with the judges.  Better to dump the nut than risk the whole enchilada.

Cudos to Rosemary!  An actual demonstration that there are clients who even the dirty inside players are afraid to represent.  But wait, GAL Mary Brigham realized that Rosemary dumped her gravy train too.  What was Mary going to do?  Without an attorney to pursue Billy Boy’s sick game of ‘get momma’ there was no transfer of funds to Mary’s pocket.  Worse still, there were judges in Waterbury not getting a tax free slice of the GAL pie.   Someone had to do something.  Bill needed a lawyer.  Bill needed to pay attorney invoices.  Mary did what no ‘ethical’ lawyer would ever do, she summoned Attorney Michael Fasano to the rescue.  Fasano, having no ethical restrictions, could kick start the game, start the flow of legal fees out of Billy’s massive bank account.  Fasano was even instructed to ask for Mary to be reappointed as GAL; her payback and the conduit to transfer money to the judicial pocket.  Boom! Right off the bat, Judge Schofield takes the cue and Brigham is the GAL riding herd once again, on the post judgement cash cow.

Fasano made up for lost time quickly with a frivolous contempt motion which ran up over $60k in billings overseen by doting Judge Cutsumpas.  Then rolled to an improper modification motion, then an EMERGENCY motion, all with the ‘ethical’ support of Mary Brigham.  Curious when senior judges will call a halt to this game as it completely destroys the legitimacy of the court.  Any comments Chase?  Is this the standard of law in Corrupticut?

Ever notice that family court has nothing to do with law or best interests of children.  It is simply a money game for lawyers and judges.  No wonder GALs are blessed with immunity…..there is simply no reality of the “ethical practice of law”.

Fuckery Dismissed!

The professional mother fuckers of the Connecticut State’s Attorney Office, a.k.a. jewish flying monkeys, have ended their fuckery of Matthew Couloute’s baby momma.  By wink and a nod of fellow bro Judge Omar Williams, the jewdicial authority ruled that momma had been fucked with enough, as there was little left in the fuck barrel to throw at her.

See how the jews and the blacks operate?  Black boy and former prosecutor, resident of Georgia needs to fuck up his second baby momma, so Police Chief Paul Hammick of Bloomfield gets K9 puppy cop Brendan Danaher to commit police perjury to apply for arrest warrant from black sister prosecutor Gail Hardy, which is issued by black bro and former prosecutor, the deviant Judge Omar Williams.  Queer boy Governor Malloy authorizes the extradition across state lines and the felony witch hunt was underway in January.

Drag innocent mother back to pedo play pen in an effort to recover the absent sex toy, make mom appear six times before pedo judges Bruno, Dewey, Baldini, Budzik and Williams; then, eight months later, when the the pedo game is getting too much attention, dismiss the charges.  What wonderful fuckery on behalf of the people of Connecticut in upholding the rule of pedo players!  State and federal money used in a failed attempt to traffick a five year old little girl.  No wonder she is currently in protective foster care of New York State Child Protective Services.

The gig is up.  Not even pedo foot soldier Carl Ajello could think of a way to keep up the charade.  Omar had to ignore Couloute’s pleading to prosecute the baby momma.  Pretending to be a VICTIM, drama queen and certifiable nut job Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr. Esq. does pen a quite unbelievable pleading to the court.  What better way to show a father’s love by beating the mother, breaking a few bones, sexually abusing the kid; then accusing mom of mental illness while trying to prosecute her for the crime of being a mother.  Those former prosecutors are so caring.

Scary to realize that the Connecticut Criminal Justice System from a pooper scooper cop to a judge is nothing more than a child sex trafficking operation.  As Couloute notes in his letter, niggers and pedophiles.


General Lee’s Horse

The jews are at it again!!!  Creating hate, discontent, civil unrest in the host country.  The jewish front organization and domestic terrorism headquarters Southern Poverty Law Center has deployed its propaganda forces against horses of the Civil War.  The anti-equestrian league, funded by Zionists, have identified bronze art forms of war horses who bravely and gallantly carried their humans into battle at full gallop.

Let’s examine the subversive jewish efforts to erase these loyal steeds and mares from American history.  The first point to obscure is that the slave trade was quite profitable for its jewish financiers.  The jewish bankers of Europe provided the unsecured loans for the infrastructure required to establish the trade.  Upfront loans for ships to move the human cargo.  Money for warehouses in the African zone to collect and store the cargo before shipment.  Straight up cash to purchase bodies from any tribal leader willing to sell his countryman.  All would have been a pathetic barter system if not for the financial skills of jewish bankers.

On the consumer side of the trade, the bankers created the plantation.  Abundant, fertile land becomes profitable with cheap labor, which requires bank financing.  The jewish bankers and brokers centered in Philadelphia ensured financing for the purchase of slaves to create the cotton and tobacco factory which was the production pay off for the slave trade.  A system financed by jewish banks created a valuable raw material which had high profit margins when sold in European markets.

The threat of the end of slavery in the United States in 1861 terrified the bankers.  If the slaves were freed, the unsecured loans would be bank losses.  Europe would lose its cheap factory supply system.  An independent Confederate States of America would limit the financial losses and maintain the cotton and tobacco supplies to European markets at suitable margins to keep the profits flowing.  End of the slave trade was not a jewish best interest.

The jews arranged for England and France to recognize the Confederate States of America as banks in London and Paris held a majority of the debt that would not be repaid by President Lincoln.  However, Russian Emperor Alexander II, an orthodox christian, forbade such recognition of the Confederacy with a simple threat of war.  European purchases of cotton and tobacco were forbidden by the Tsar.  Russian Imperial warships were sent to New York and San Francisco in support of Lincoln. The jewish plan was thwarted by the christians.  Needless to say, Lincoln was knocked off in 1865 and Tsar Alexander II, ‘The Liberator’ was assassinated in 1881.  Jewish paybacks are a bitch.

So why do the jews want to take down statues of horses who carried the generals of the jewish capital protection plan into battle against christian forces of the north?  Twist the controversy to be racist in nature?  Money knows not racism.  Black, white, red, yellow does not matter to jewish bankers.  Even white on white wars of the Napoleon era were profitable to the bankers.  What better way to erase the jewish slave trade then by pitting blacks against whites in the battle over a statue of a loyal horse who braved the battlefield to protect the jewish investment of human capital in the production of raw materials for mercantile Europe?

Someone might tell the gentiles of Charlottesville that their jew mayor Michael Signer and his Zionist pals are playing them.

Traveller, you are a good horse!


Ode to Jake Baker

What do you call a dozen Family Court Judges at the bottom of the Connecticut River downstream of the Middletown Courthouse?  Baby Aaden pool party?  How about a thousand GALs at the bottom of Long Island Sound?  Pollution problem….and a good start.  What about Dorothy dropping a house on Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto?  Everybody knows the world would be a better place if the present crop of inbred Connecticut Family Court players were eliminated… why is the state gestapo harassing its critics?  The jewish overlords upset by free speech?

The State Gestapo wiped its ass with the Bill of Rights once again.  Retarded wonders of law enforcement put the tax payer on the hook for the violation of civil rights of a citizen.  The arrest went down on Friday, over seven months from the ‘crime’ of putting graffiti on a fb wall.

Ode to Jake Baker, for whom writing of torturing and killing another citizen with hot curling iron, lighter fluid and a bonfire is federally protected speech.  See  U.S. v Baker.  No reason one cannot write about the demise of particularly offensive state employees in the same manner.  Could even discuss it with friends, take pictures and share recipes on how to barbecue such individuals.  Federal court said that was ok too, in U.S. v Valle.   Instructions on marinade, tenderizing, filleting, seasoning, roasting and basting a court employee is protected speech as determined by the federal court.

So, what are all these state employees doing reading other people’s facebook pages while they are on the clock?  These court clowns were not facebook friends of Mr. Ted.  But the taxpayer was being bilked for internet surfing by court staff?  Who ordered them to do it?  The judges?  The chief clerk?  Jonathon Fields, Esq.?  Why did the state gestapo have to go to New London to find a judge dumb enough to sign the warrant based on an affidavit citing free speech?   Connecticut wannabee’s just doing a remake of Elonis v. U.S. regarding fb rants?  Connecticut court clowns engage in psychological torture of citizens then relish in feeling scared because they think they have the right to abuse fellow citizens under the color of law?  Let’s face it folks, there are no professional players in Connecticut Courts, just bottom of the barrel garbage dump for players too ignorant to work in a real profession.  Time to block state computers from social media, just let them go home early, to watch Porn Hub on their own ISP.

Again, why were these clerks reading a facebook ‘wall’ during working hours?  They had orders from judges to check facebook and twitter accounts of people the judge did not like?  Is this in the job description?  The court employees forced themselves to look at something that had nothing to do with their jobs, then they get scared from reading words, so they called the police and cried, then seven months later a citizen is arrested on complaint of what exactly?

The rest of the story will play out that the State Police under the gestapo leadership of its pedophile protecting, human trafficking miscreant Alaric Fox had orders from the judge club to fuck up a citizen (four legged animal).  The investigator will be hung by his own affidavit, the prosecutor including Kevin Kane will be exposed for more constitutional failings and the jerk of a judge who signed the warrant will be exposed for his strange connections to dubious dealings in the state underworld.  Oh, what a boring story this will be.

In the meantime, patriots will look to Dorothy to bombard the state judiciary with affordable farm houses.  The Tree of Liberty will extend its roots for refreshment.  The tyrants will get their sic semper.  Liberty will be protected, the tax payers will end up with the bill and the judiciary will again fight the FOIA requests for the cookies on the court employees computers to show what our government really does on a daily basis.

So don’t forget to ask Colonel Asshole Alaric Fox what you are allowed to say, lest his flying monkeys find it ‘threatening in nature’….cause ‘mericans can kill kids in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya….but we can’t talk about a judicial barbeque, drowning nutty judges, burning corrupt courts.  We can bomb, kill, maim, injure, destroy everyone else’s stuff but we can’t even talk about doing the same to the cancer of our own government.  Is it really illegal to speak of advocacy, encouragement, inciting violence against persons and property of the second most corrupt government in the Union?  Corrupticut only bows to Illinois.  Or are Connecticut jewdicial masters just out to heard the goyim back into the correct pasture?

When the government no longer serves the needs of the people, it is the duty of the people to replace it; would that not entail burning it to the ground to make room for the replacement?  Dispatching its staff?  Is that purpose of the people not vested in the First and the Second Amendments?  Obviously the Second implies the right to bear flint to create the spark.

So before your next post, call the State Police, Major Speech Unit.  Get your freedom of expression approved by a terrorist with a badge, gun, attitude and very little intellect.

A true threat against the people and their Constitution, carries fear and disrupts society’s sense of safety and security, which is terrorism by jewish judges like David Gold whose Zionist agenda defeats the law of the land, he being a domestic enemy of the Constitution shall be pursued as such by patriots all.

Life, liberty and pursuit of all who threaten it.  The revolution is coming.

Dickhead Michael Fasano, Esq.

The Dickhead of the Year Award goes to Michael Fasano of Waterbury for the biggest purple helmeted phallic display of manly incompetence in a Family Court proceeding.  Dragging a mother into court on EMERGENCY complaint that the internet exists is simply dickhead in action, not a family matter.  The now infamous blog officially confers the title of DICKHEAD on our boy Mikey.  The clerks of Waterbury Courthouse will forever snicker ‘Dickhead’ when he walks in the door.  His filings will be stamped ‘received from dickhead’.  The court marshals will smile and greet his lack of manliness with the title ‘Dickhead’.  He will have to beg permission from every judge to appear in court without a condom over his head.  Dickhead Fasano his hereby officially titled.

The award is not given lightly.  After years of study and practice as an attorney who occupies a special place of responsibility in society to ensure the quality of justice and the integrity of the court, the recipient has to reach outstanding levels of dickheadedness against mothers to be titled court DICKHEAD.  Mikey exceeds all expectations in phallic legal performance.

Dickhead’s emergency motion lacked any reference to any form of emergency; held no standing as a matter of law; made no reference in statute; found no conformance to rules; serving only to further demonstrate the illegitimacy of Judge Ficeto’s kangaroo court by allowing such frivolous pleading.  Using valuable court time to assail the First Amendment and complain of the existence of the internet laid bare dickhead’s legal incompetence; such are not Family Matters.

Dickhead was dishonest in his pleading, he knowingly allowed dishonesty to present in court, he failed to inform the court of his dishonesty or the dishonesty of GAL Brigham, he knowingly maintained a cause of emergency action that was both false, unlawful and phallic in nature, pursuing a cause of action for malice in the most dickheaded manner for his equally dickheaded client in perjury and unfaithfulness to the court.  God save the dickhead.

He filed, he appeared, he pleaded, acted like a dickhead and left the court with nothing but a prejudicial dismissal.  The award of DICKHEAD so conferred by order of the infamous blog.

Congratulations DICKHEAD!!!!!





Rough Equivalent

The Connecticut Supreme Court has taken up the appeal in the First Amendment case of Jew Judge David Gold of Middlesex JD.  Our Zionist overlord has ruled by ‘rough equivalent’ that private writings are not free speech under the goyim’s Constitution.  Talmud replaces the christian rule of law in the civilized society once known as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Judge David Gold, a jerk of an individual, devout jew and idiot in a black robe convicted Ted Taupier for the Talmud crime of making a “rough equivalent of a true threat” against our favorite child trafficking, pedo protecting, deviant miscreant head family court judge Elizabeth Bozzuto.  The jewish support and protection of pedophiles extends to their puppet family court judges who are paid under the table for their ‘discretion’ in family matters to provide little boy ass to Gold and his demented colleagues.  Goyim are not allowed to speak ill of such Zionistic power structures.

Under the rules of the Talmud, gentiles like Taupier are stripped of human existence before the jewish judge.  A four-legged animal to be branded, beaten and slaughtered by the chosen ones.  Taupier is merely meat on the hoof before Jew Gold with no rights nor constitutional protection.  Criticizing jewish overlords is a crime against the chosen.  Writing ill of dyke Elizabeth Bozzuto brings down the wrath of the chosen.

The treasonous conduct of Jew Gold has been appealed under the rule of law by legal expert and giant of the legal profession, Connecticut’s own grey pony tail, Norm Pattis.  The Nutmeg State has become the national laughing stock yard of constitutional infirmness.  The sacred First Amendment, the right to speak against the king, being shat upon by a jew in a black robe has received national attention.  So much attention that Chief Justice Chase Rogers and her band of merry men have snatched the appeal from the paws of the three stooges of the appellate court, lest the inbred judge club further undermine the rule of law.  The case of State v. Taupier is now before the seven dwarves of the state’s highest court, as the nutmegs are facing a huge punitive civil rights attack in federal court.

Want Judge Bozzuto dead?  Have Dorothy drop a house on her?  Fleas of a thousand camels to her armpits?  Tarred and feathered for treason?  Hunted by patriots as a domestic enemy of the Constitution?  Death from a thousand paper cuts by the Bill of Rights?  Hit by a state snow plow?  Smart bombed by F-35’s?  Perfectly legal expressions by patriots in defense of American rights.   The Tree of Liberty is getting thirsty.

The incompetent state paycheck sponge, Mitchell S. Brody is tasked by sinister state’s attorney Kevin Kane to expend state funds in defense of Jew Gold’s conviction on free speech.  The people of Connecticut are spending tax dollars to defeat the First Amendment.  Just fucking amazing that the jews have hijacked the entire criminal justice system to use public funds to rule by Talmud.  Read Brody’s terroristic pleadings here.

Of interesting contradictions, Judge Bozzuto admonished Taupier from the family court bench for his political speech to which she disapproved…..a criminal act, deprivation of rights, First Amendment violation by a state actor.  So what is wrong with wishing death to the terrorist?  Pursuit of life, liberty and all who threaten it.  Tyrants in black robes who expend state funds to silence speech are terrorists; was she expecting a thank you card?

Had enough comrade?  Ready to revolt against the tyrants in black robes?  Take back the people’s government?  Eliminate the terrorists?  Restore the rule of law?  Honor the Founding Fathers?

Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis….death unto tyrants!!!

Case documents can be viewed:

Norm’s Appeal   Norm’s Appendix

State Brief    State Appendix



Chosen Woodchucks

The judges in Upstate New York have often been equated to woodchucks; which may well be an insult to the animal kingdom.  Again, the chosen ones have poisoned the family courts to kill off the rule of law, leaving only jewdicial discretion and tyranny.  Christian values are antithetical to Talmud teachings and family court is the perfect butcher block for the unsuspecting goyim.

Let’s examine a clueless young upstart in a black robe, elected to a position of responsibility by a unknowing populace;  Judge Adam D. Michelini.  A clown of such childish intellect, he lacks ability to recognize the state constitution, ruling NY courts do not have ‘jurisdiction’ over cases properly filed.  Poor boy can’t find law, even when it falls on his head.  But not to worry he has a jewish law clerk to write drivel to defeat the goyim before the bench.  Cathi Radner, Esq. is paid by the state to be Law Clerk to the unknowing judge.  She herself is an expert in family law because she is divorced, but otherwise legally retarded.  Rule of law does not apply and she can pen the most inane anti christian rationales as orders of the court.  She is so bad at it that her unsuspecting master had to recuse himself as a result of jewdicial overreach.

The chosen ones do not surrender to rule of law without a fight.  Cathi’s synagogue pal Judge Richard B. Meyer is summoned from a hundred miles away to continue the jihad.  Gentiles tenacity to constitutional protections, christian values and love of children, annoy Zionists.  Not satisfied with Michelini’s defeat of the state constitution, Judge Meyer defeats the bigger parchment by overruling three U.S. Supreme Court decisions, right out the gate.  He also tossed aside forty years worth of state case law, but that was just jewish peanuts.  Rabbinical courts do not care for christian based opinions, no matter the origin.  A lowly family court of limited jurisdiction, populated by chosen woodchucks can ignore the law of the land with a waive of the jewdicial hand and a few condescending remarks from the bench.  His state funded law clerk, Amy Quinn, Esq. is paid to be quiet and ignore her oath, does nothing to protect the rule of law.  Paychecks in woodchuckville buy more than groceries.

Four racist chosen players of no intellect, no respect for law, following the Talmud, serve to defeat christian elements of a civilized society and the goyim’s pesky laws; all with state and federal funding.

Rather un-American.